Entertainment & Fashion News Exclusive: Latest on Pro Model Jordan Roy!

Entertainment & Fashion News Exclusive: Latest on Pro Model Jordan Roy!

Jordan Roy is a signed model in the fashion industry. Jordan is known for walking popular runways and covering many campaigns in the fashion industry. Read our exclusive interview with model Jordan Roy!

Q & A with Model Jordan Roy

Q: How did you get into the modeling industry?

Jordan Roy – A: I was at the gym in my hometown and my friend took a photo of me. The photo turned out really well. She looked at it and said “Jordan, you should be a model”. We did a full shoot and I used those photos to get signed by my first agency.

Q: Jordan, you have walked on the runway and you’ve also had many successful print campaigns! If you were to pick one, which do you prefer more? Runway or Print modeling and why?  


Jordan Roy – A: I love walking runway, I love meeting all the people in the industry and making friends and connections. But I think if I could do print shoots regularly, I’d be happiest with that. I find that in that environment there is more time to experiment with looks and be creative. Give something that may not have been thought of before.

Q: What has been one of your top favorite shoots so far in your career?

Jordan Roy – A: That is a tough question. But this recent shoot for a brand in Toronto called Master Supply Co. I just loved the product and the photographer and I got along fantastically. This photo is also a collaboration of Master Supply and New York designer Christian Benner. I still have yet to shoot with him but it was an honor wearing his jacket for this.

Q: Any favorite celeb fashion brands you’d like to collab with?

Jordan Roy – A: Tom Ford, Alexander McQueen, Dior, Gucci anything that is either classic or has edge to their collection.

Q: You have thousands of followers on your social media! What advice or motto on success would you give to your audience? 

Jordan Roy – A: Having followers is nice, it’s not everything though. I find what works best for me is to keep people guessing, but also bring integrity into every situation. I try to leave a lasting positive impression on anyone I work with, maintaining good working relationships is a cornerstone.



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