Mya Jay is a published model currently represented by HBM Talent Agency. She has been featured on artist G Herbo’s music video recently and aside from modeling, she is also owner and founder of Magically Modified by Mya business in Las Vegas, NV! Read our exclusive interview below with Model Mya Jay:


Q: Where are you originally from and where are you located now on the map?

Maya Jay

Mya J – A: I am originally from the Southside of Chicago! As of now, I actually just go back and forth from the Midwest to the West Coast, specifically Las Vegas where I’ve been the past year. I can definitely say the west coast feels like a second home to me!

Q: Mya J, you’ve starred in the G Herbo Music video! Can you share with us your experience on set?

Mya J – A: Set for sure just felt like family. The majority of everyone was a Chicago native and it’s like when people from home come together it’s always a familiar feeling, nonetheless professional as well! I was actually cast as the grim reaper of the video but I felt a lot more angelic, I wore a beautiful lace dress and especially because of the a nature of the song. 

Q: Who are your top 3 fav people in the industry that you most admire and want to work within the business?

Mya J – A: First of all I am apart of THE NAVY! So, Rihanna definitely! Beyond the music, she’s definitely an inspiration to me; as a boss, entrepreneur and more importantly a savage! A title I self proclaim lol. But one of my modeling goals is definitely to have a SAVAGE X FENTY campaign and walk in one of her super creative fashion shows, I have a fierce, mean runway walk, the people have to see it in the show! It’s really the inclusivity that just makes you feel bad ass and instantly raises your confidence, because yes I am a VIP member and every month I get a lingerie set!

Second, is Issa Rae! I graduated from college with my degree in radio and television arts and Issa was always my role model. Like from YouTube, Awkward Black Girl to HBO, Insecure I followed her career. And she’s just so educated and hilarious like I’d say so about myself. Also, how smoothly she let us know she was a wife and had gotten married, I have to have a clever way to let the world know just like that when it’s my turn to get married! Classic.

Last but definitely not least, my big sis Teyana Taylor. I love her! Like everything I aspire to be. She is someone dominating the industry and I would love to just gain some knowledge and a little game from a real one.

Q: What are some projects you’ve just wrapped up or that you’re currently working on now? 

Mya J – A: I just wrapped up casting for my first indie feature film I am producing! It’s really mind blowing that just an idea I had is turning into something tangible, it’s amazing to see the process! It’s called Pretty Crazy, and there are so many ways to interpret the title it’s like an attention grabber, and it makes me so proud! 

I’m also about to start collaborating with a very dope stylist in Chicago so I’m excited to share some of our new content! It’s all about having a team I’m learning, so I feel good about the next steps in my career.

Q: Can you tell us something people may not know about you? Do you have any secret talents or hobbies ? 

Mya J – A: The closest people to me know that I just know so many, absolutely random facts! I am a real life scholar. I love to learn and gain knowledge, about life, all kinds of topics, theories, anything. You’ll legit always find me researching, journaling or reading an article. 

I’m also a skin enthusiast! I love natural beauty, I think people should embrace it more! So much so that I’m a licensed esthetician and also a start up small business owner of a skin essentials line, called Magically Modified by Mya.

And I can’t forget, ever since I can remember I’ve been a master hula hooper! Any competition I’ve been in from camp grounds, to family reunions, I win! I’m calling out anyone for the smoke! lol

Q: Share your official sites on the web we can follow and HBM Talent Rep Info

Mya J – A: My official Instagram page is @themyajay, the account for my first feature film is @prettycrazymovie, and my business page for my skincare is @magically.modified. My manager is none other than the amazing Sophie Felix, and you can find her on Instagram @hbm_talent or www.hbmtalent.com 

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