Daniela Casas is a pro trained dancer and rising star in the entertainment industry. Read below our exclusive interview as we go into Daniela Casas on dancing, her latest projects, management and her acting debut on Dhar Mann !


Q: Daniela you’ve had amazing accomplishments in the dance industry, how did you get started in the dance?

Daniela Casas – A: I got started when I was about to turn 11 years old. My older sister was in dance, and when I was younger I would always want to follow her around and do whatever she did. I started out doing musical theater, performing in productions of “Hello Dolly,” “Seussical,” and “How to succeed in business without really trying,” and then began taking classes in hip hop, jazz, ballet, and tap. I wholeheartedly credit my early dance beginnings to my sister, as I wouldn’t be anywhere near where I am today if it wasn’t for her getting me into dance.

Q: You are a Pro, but would you call yourself very competitive?

Daniela Casas

Daniela Casas – A: Yes, I am extremely competitive, and I would say that my competitiveness often gets the best of me. I always find myself comparing myself to other people, which causes me to start thinking negatively of myself. When this happens I always tell myself to remember that I have so much to be thankful for and that as long as I stay focused, what’s meant for me will come.

Q: You’ve made your acting debut on the popular Dhar Mann channel with millions of viewers! Share with us more about it and How was that experience like?

Daniela Casas – A: Working with Dhar Mann on the “Ballerina Fat Shamed” video was such an unforgettable experience. It was especially exciting because this was my first ever dance job. The audition process required ballet footage, so although I didn’t dance in the final video, this is why I still consider it a dance job. The fact that actually acted as a blessing because I was recovering from a back injury at the time (and still am), so I was unable to dance. What also made this experience even more exhilarating is the fact that I’ve watched Dhar Mann’s videos for almost two years! My favorite Youtuber is Cody Ko so I was first acquainted with Dhar Mann’s online presence when he was featured on Cody’s channel, prior to their collab video. This made the moment that I found out I booked the video all the more exciting . I also got to do some subtle acting, which is definitely a field that I would love to explore much more! I am very happy with the reception of the video by the public and I absolutely loved working with Lizzy Howell whom the video was about. Her story is so important to anybody in the dance world and it’s a story that resonated with me specifically since I also struggle with various medical issues that affect my ability to dance. It was overall a wonderful job and I am extremely thankful for the directors for bringing me on the set.

Q: Would you be open to more acting projects in the entertainment industry?

Daniela Casas – A: Yes! I very much want to do more acting projects. I remember the moment I realized that acting might be something I want to consider as well; it was after seeing my all time favorite movie for the first time, Midsommar, back in 2019. My favorite actress of all time is Florence Pugh and I can wholeheartedly say that she is my inspiration for wanting to try acting. The way she makes you (the audience) feel whatever nuances her character is feeling is what I believe to be the most powerful trait that an actor can have, and it’s something that draws me to the art.

Q: Daniela, you are signed by Sophie Felix from HBM Talent, what do you love most about your current representation?

Daniela Casas – A: What I love most about my representation with HBM is that I feel like I can talk to Sophie (CEO) about anything. If I ever need something, footage, photos, recommendations, professional MUA’s, she’s the one to go to. Whether it’s career related or personal, I feel that I can always confide in Sophie to come through and be there for me. I feel that she always has my best interest in mind and that it’s always her number one priority to make sure I look good. I will forever be grateful for Sophie and her representation!

Q: Give us a life and career update! What are you working on now?

Daniela Casas – A: Soon I will be joining Heat Dance Convention on their national tour as a HEATFORCE company member, and Soul de Soul Dance Convention on their tour as an assistant. I am also working towards getting my mat pilates certification so that I can teach pilates classes. I hope to continue my LA-based dance training as well as continuing to teach dance to young children. A huge goal of mine for the near future is permanently moving to my absolute dream city, Laguna Hills, CA.

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