Actress and Dancer Diana Matlak is officially starring in a new feature film “ Coincidental Romance” that is currently under submission to multiple film festivals. Diana Matlak is a professional actress and 13 years experienced Latin dancer. She has starred in popular Polish TV-shows, has been a part of great productions including shorts that have won many awards, and featured in the famed and notable Cannes Film Festival that all Hollywood A-List Celebs attend. Diana has competed throughout Europe in dance winning many awards. Diana Matlak is making her mark in the Hollywood entertainment industry from starring in many great films to co-writing a new feature film ‘ Coincidental Romance’ where she plays the leading role of Natalie. Read below our exclusive interview to find out more about Actress Diana Matlak as well as the feature film Coincidental Romance : 


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Q: Diana, where are originally you from?

Diana Matlak: I was born and raised in Poland. In 2014, I moved to Los Angeles to pursue acting. I’m a multi-language speaking tv and film actress. I speak Polish, German and English.

Q: How did you get started in the entertainment industry?

Diana Matlak: I was a Latin Dancer and have been training Latin Dancing for more than ten years. After I stopped competing I started taking acting classes in Warsaw, Poland and I fell in love with the craft. Three years later, I decided to take a risk and follow my dream. I moved to Los Angeles to study acting and to persue my acting career.

Since moving to Los Angeles, I have done a lot of short films, some of which won awards and went to screen at prestigious film festivals such as Cannes Film Festival. I also continue to work in Poland, co-starring on various well known Polish tv shows like: “Na Wspolnej”, “Przyjaciolki” and “Na sygnale.”

I also starred in a feature film “Coincidental Romance” directed by Joseph Brandon.

Q:  As a professional actress, can you share with us what you love most about performing (auditions, rehearsal, collab with other talent, premieres)?

Diana Matlak: I enjoy every aspect of being an actress: from getting an audition, preparing for it, booking the job and to working on set. Of course it’s very hard waiting after the audition for that “phone call to ring” but I have learned to keep myself busy and try not to think about it too much.

I love being on set and working, trying out different choices, playing off the other actor and just having fun. Having fun is a very important aspect in acting. Of course very often after spending many hours on set it’s easy to get tired and distracted, but I always try to stay focused, because I love my job and I have respect for the craft of acting.

To me it doesn’t’ matter if I have an emotional or challenging scene early in the morning or late at night. I always try to approach each scene the same way. I prepare and study a lot, because on the day I rely on that preparation to keep the scene fresh. I always have a lot of fun breaking down the scenes, doing research for the role and of course studying the character. I love to rehearse and try out different choices until the scene feels right to me and the others in the scene.

Q: You’ve recently starred in the amazing drama film ‘Coincidental romance’ ! Can you share with us more what the film is about and possibly some exclusive insider info? 

Diana Matlak: Coincidental Romance is a feature film about love, friendship and following your dreams. I star as an aspiring fashion designer, who after a break up, finds the strength to start fresh and pursue her fashion career after a pause from designing. She soon sparks with her new neighbor who just moved into the apartment above her, who also shares the dream of a career in arts.

I really loved working on that project. Everyone was dedicated and hardworking. I had the pleasure of starring alongside Cissy Wellman (The Outlaw Josey Wales) and I co-wrote the movie with Joseph Brandon, who directed the picture. I had a lot of fun making this movie. It’s very close to my heart, not only because I was involved in creating the story, but also because I specifically like the message of the movie; that it’s never too late to start over because dreams have no deadlines and that you often meet your loved one “by coincidence”.  I think a lot of people can relate to what Coincidental Romance is about. It gives hope that we are responsible for our success and we can follow our dreams, even though it might seem hard at times.

The movie has been submitted to various film festivals and is currently looking for a premiere.

Q: Give us a life and career update! What are you working on now and what do you love to do when you’re not filming ?

Diana Matlak: When I’m not filming I work on my craft. I study and take acting classes. During the pandemic I started to work out again on a regular basis and I’m very happy that I did because working out is like therapy for me. I also recently started to meditate and really love it. I think it’s very important to take care of your mental health, especially when actors are between projects or in slow periods. I think when the mind is in the right place, we are more positive, more productive and attract success.

Q: What are your Social Site we can follow ?

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