Hollywood Exclusive Rising Stars: The Latest on Actor & Filmmaker George Megrela!

Hollywood Exclusive Rising Stars: The Latest on Actor & Filmmaker George Megrela!

Giorgi Megrelishvili, also known as George Megrela, is a talented actor well known for his work in the entertainment industry, from acting to directing, producing and writing quality films. With 27+ years of experience in the film industry, George made his mark in his country, Georgia, being well recognized for his work and is now on the rise in the Hollywood entertainment industry! George resides in Los Angeles, California, and has starred in over 21+ film projects. Meaningful with his passion and versatile with his talent, Geroge is mentored by the renowned celeb actor and acting coach, Sal Landi!  Read more to find out the latest on George Megrela!

George Megrela Talks His Favorite Part About Filmmaking:

“What inspires me is the magic moment that an actor creates and makes for the audience. Actors help the audience to forget time and real space for a while and make them fully involved in the plot that is brought to life by them together with a director, cameraman, and scriptwriter. This is what a cinema and theater are called. It’s really worth living.”

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5 Things You Didn’t Know About George Megrela:

George Megrela and Sal Landi (right)

(1) Fav Film: 1900 by Bernardo Bertolucci is one of George’s favorite films.

(2) Celeb Fitness: George goes to Mark Wahlberg’s fitness branch, F45.

(3) Zodiac: Born March 10, 1976, makes George a Pisces in the Zodiac!

(4) Family: Geroge is married to Nino Rukhadze and has one son.

(5) Collabs: George’s dream collab would be with Mel Gibson!

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