Hollywood News: Latest on LA Rising Filmmaker- Sayali Upadhye!

Hollywood News: Latest on LA Rising Filmmaker- Sayali Upadhye!

Sayali Upadhye is a producer and filmmaker originally from Pune, India, and currently resides in Los Angeles, California! Sayali is the co-founder of Ten Twenty Productions, alongside producers Bobbie Green and Trey Sutton. Intrigued and dedicated to creative storytelling through film, Sayali is impressing industry pro’s with her talent for filmmaking. Her latest film, ” A Karaoke Space Odyssey,” is doing amazing in film festival circuits and has been showcased at the San Diego International Film Festival, The Asian American Showcase, LA Shorts International Film Festival, and is confirmed to have a film premiere in July at the New York Asian Film Festival! Read further to find out the latest and more on Sayali Upadhye!

Sayali Upadhye Talks Inspiration Behind Filmmaking:

“….What I love most about movies is how they transport you to a different world for a couple of hours. It’s like escaping reality and living someone else’s life for a bit. Only stories have that kind of power. And film, with its visuals and storytelling, does it best. There’s a certain magic in experiencing a story unfold on screen with a group of strangers, sharing collective gasps and laughter….”

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 Ten20 Productions has two films in pre-production status and most recently wrapped a short drama called “Terms and Conditions.

3 Things You Didn’t Know About Sayali Upadhye

(1) Sayali loves all forms of art! She is multi-talented, both in illustration  art and graphic design!

(2) Dev Patel is one of her favorite filmmakers!

(3) Cinema Paradiso was one of Sayali’s most memorable films she watched at a young age, sparking her passion for film.

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