HOLLYWOOD NEWS: Latest On Entrepreneur, Luxury Real Estate Agent & Owner of Peace Love & Protein – Shawna B. !

HOLLYWOOD NEWS: Latest On Entrepreneur, Luxury Real Estate Agent & Owner of Peace Love & Protein – Shawna B. !

Shawna B. is a luxury real estate agent and female entrepreneur with a background in the entertainment industry. Shawna has had major success in the real estate field. She has been featured on LA’s Top 100 Realtors seen in The Hollywood Reporter and is the owner of Peace Love & Protien. Aside from real estate, she has some great upcoming projects in the works. Read our official Q & A with Shawna B.


Q: Shawna, you are in the luxury real estate industry, but is there another industry outside of real estate that interests you?

Shawna B. – A: Yes!  I recently started going back to my roots in tv and film production! I have always shyed away from being in front of the camera and felt more comfortable behind it but I am done with staying in my comfort zone! I booked my first movie role in a Film called The 4 points where I play a tough girl from the streets who is a cold calculated killer. I have a feeling you will see me on your TV a lot.

Q: As a female entrepreneur, what is it motivates and drives you?

Shawna B. – A: My mother drives me. She was adopted, came to this country and couldn’t even speak English and made so many sacrifices for me and my sisters. She wasn’t given the best cards in life and she is such an inspiration at how she has never let anything stop her. 

Q: Do you have any celebs you’d want to collaborate with in future business wise? 

Shawna B. – A: Currently I’d like to collaborate with Issa Rae, Tim Story, Kathleen Kennedy, Nina Jacobson, and Debra Martin Chase to name a few.

Q: In one word, describe your life so far this year.

Shawna B. – A: Enchanting.

Q: Can you share with us any new updates or developments?

Shawna B. – A: I plan to open a Medi- Spa this year. It is something that is close to my heart because I am such a big advocate for wellness and self care as these are important factors in self love.. We will offer body treatments and natural supplements like Peace, Love & Protein. The Med spa will be a place where you will feel comfortable in your own skin and unjudged. Whether it’s stretch mark removal or tummy tightening, we will have it all!



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