Hollywood News: Latest on Pro Rising Star ‘Shadow and Bone’ Actor Tony Masek!

Hollywood News: Latest on Pro Rising Star ‘Shadow and Bone’ Actor Tony Masek!

Tony Masek is a professional actor known for his roles in Shadow and Bone, The Letter for the King, The Painted Bird and many more notable productions in the industry. Read below our exclusive interview with Tony Masek and find out about his recent trip to California, acting and more !

Q: Tony, you recently visited California. How was your trip?

Tony Masek -A: Yes, I got to spend some days in Los Angeles and it was truly amazing! So many new impressions and experiences. I got to visit the set of a pilot project that is pitched to Netflix and could meet with various casting directors and producers. I wish I could say more, since it is truly exciting, however, since some things are still in development I am not allowed to disclose more information at this moment. It was also fun to shoot some new casting material, such as my new fight-reel, an acting scene for a showreel and a bunch of voice-reels for future casting opportunities. A great trip overall.

Q: What or who inspires you to pursue acting? 

Tony Masek -A: What a great question! My biggest drive definitely comes from my desire to “create experiences” and to “have an emotional impact on the viewers”. What do I mean with this? The moment I create an emotion in my audience by watching me perform in a role, even if it is just one person only, it makes a huge difference to me.  This experience for me is worth celebrating and what I mean with creating an experience of something true, which is the “kick” that I get out of acting. 

Q: Can you share with us your experiences on set? 

Tony Masek -A: I have been very fortunate to be part of some really big film sets in my career. Definitely one of my favorite was the Netflix production “Shadow and Bone”, where I got to play the role of “Alexei”. It was amazing to see the set transform from a dusty military camp to a full-blown city and then from a city to a sandy no man´s land. Really cool! Also seeing such a professional team work their magic was truly special. As an added benefit I always consider myself lucky to be able to travel for work, through which I continue to grow personally as well. In Prague I got to act on the “Spider-Man: Far From Home” set, where I learned a lot and I still remember it as one of the best days in my acting career. I got to work on the set of “The Letter For The King”, where I had the honor to be in a scene with Mr. Andy Serkis. For a young actor such as myself, just the observation of such a star was like a masterclass. 

Q: Moving forward, we are in the middle of pilot season! Do you have any favorite TV-Series you’d like to star in? 

Tony Masek -A:  So many! I absolutely love “The Punisher” for example. It combines amazing acting with tactical skills, so if the opportunity pops up one day to star in a series like that – wow! Definitely a dream come true! I love acting, martial arts and tactical shooting so I hope, I will get to combine these crafts on set one day. 

Q: How would you explain your year so far in one word? 

Tony Masek -A: Growth. In so many ways. Besides establishing a connection with many peers and experts of the industry, I have put the focus on working on my acting craft and special skills. Acting is a journey that will most likely never end. It is important to me to participate in workshops all over Europe and dive deeper into the work with my personal acting coach to always stay on top of my game. Along with growing as an actor, I am currently learning French and work closely with some top tier trainers of Martial Arts and Tactical Shooting that prepare me for my upcoming acting projects. 

Q: Do you have any favorite personal quote and saying that you always go by? 

Tony Masek -A: It is always darkest before dawn”.

In all honesty I am not sure who was the great mind that said this, but it has definitely gotten me through some hardships in my personal and professional life. It reminds me to always look forward and to keep going, even if times are not the easiest. It also speaks of opportunity-seeking, so when the opportunity doesn’t present itself, I go out and present myself to the opportunity.



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