Hollywood News On The Red Carpet: Latest on Blue Bloods Actress Tiffany Rothman!

Hollywood News On The Red Carpet: Latest on Blue Bloods Actress Tiffany Rothman!

Tiffany Rothman is an experienced actress and dancer most known for her roles in TV & Film including Blue Bloods, L’Odge d’Oor, What Doesn’t Float and many more. Tiffany has exciting news coming up in the industry! Get to know Actress Tiffany Rothman even more and find out the latest news in the works by reading our exclusive interview below!


Q: Tiffany, it’s great to have you again! After your recent TV Role starring in Blue Bloods, you’ve been to many red carpet events, castings , filming and more ! How has that been like ?

Tiffany R. – A: It’s very exciting to be at these events. I have the pleasure to meet many wonderful people.I also get to see many new projects from all kinds of film makers and that’s very fascinating because they are quite exceptional. 

Q: Do you have a favorite type of production to be cast in: TV or Film?

Tiffany R. – A: I love both film and TV.  I think as long as an actor gets to perform,  it’s a privilege because it is highly fulfilling. 

Q: Would you ever own your own production company down the line and if so, what kind of films do you see it producing?

Tiffany R. – A: My friend just opened a TARZANA INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL and I am her second in command.  We were talking about, ideally,  if we were to produce film, we would like to do some documentary and educational films as well as arts films to heal the community. 

Q: What else do you see yourself doing in the industry in the future?

Tiffany R. – A: I would like to do as many films/tv and theaters as possible. Hopefully I will get into more projects with substance and more challenging roles in the near future.

Q: Any other new news you can share with us ?

Tiffany R. – A: I’m currently preparing to shoot a promotion film in a couple of weeks called: ” DANCING IN A FORBIDDEN WORLD ” and I also have auditions coming up.I’m grateful for my life and feel very blessed that I get to live my dream.


IMDB,  Twitter – Official Website:  Tiffany Rothman.

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