Hollywood News: Latest News on Talented Artist Gordon Hyppolite!

Hollywood News: Latest News on Talented Artist Gordon Hyppolite!

Gordon Hyppolite is a multi-talented actor, musician, writer and model. Gordon was born in Brooklyn, New York, but his ethnicity is originally from Haitian descent. Gordon has strong faith, talent and drive making him a rising artist in the industry and constantly determined to go to the next level. Gordon Hyppolite has released great music singles and albums with uplifting music! Read below the latest news & more on Artist Gordon Hyppolite!

Music & More: Album Releases

Gordon Hyppolite albums include, ‘Reflections’ with 10 songs, ‘Healing’ including 10 songs, Cinderella including 10 songs, and ‘It Is Time’ has 10 songs. You can purchase the albums exclusively on Gordon Hyppolite official website. Three songs are available for streaming free, including ”Forfeit’, a melodic and uplifting beat you have to listen!

Gordon Hyppolite Talks His Passion Behind Acting:

‘To be honest, hope motivates me. Without hope, it’s difficult to do anything really. It has always been my hope that as I put my best foot forward someone would hopefully take interest in me and give me a chance . I hope to inspire others as they see my performance whether it be on stage or on screen….’ 

– Gordon Hyppolite – Read Full Interview on Celebz Treasure – HERE

3 Things You Didn’t Know About Gordon Hyppolite

(1) Gordon currently lives in Japan!

(2) Martial Arts: Gordon has years of practice in Wing Chun!

(3) Ryan Coogler is one of his fav film directors!

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