Hollywood News: News on Actress Tiffany Rothman & Confirmation of Role on CBS!

Hollywood News: News on Actress Tiffany Rothman & Confirmation of Role on CBS!

The Latest News on LA & NYC Actress Tiffany Rothman

Tiffany Rothman is a Vietnamese American Actress originally born in Hue, Vietnam and with a recent move, she is currently residing in the heart of the entertainment industry Los Angeles, CA . Tiffany came to the US in 1975 and attended Brookline Highschool where she got her first glimpse of the acting industry by starting acting studies and shortly after, professional dancing. She studied in New York and obtained a masters degree in educational psychology and shortly after started to pursue a professional career in the acting industry. Aside from acting, Tiffany is always aiming to build awareness for good causes, she is also the Founder of Worldwide Pioneer Foundation. Read the latest news on Actress Tiffany Rothman below:

Confirmed! Latest Role in Blue Bloods TV-Series on CBS

Watch Actress Tiffany Rothman Starring on Blue Bloods, Episode 1207 Airing on CBS

Pro Dancer Member of Isadora Duncan International Institute

tiffany rothman

Tiffany Rothman is a professionally trained modern dancer, a member of the Isadora Duncan Interntational Institute and also sits on the board of advisors! She also dances pro belly dancing at Serena’s Studio.


I find acting to be self-healing as well as being cathartic for the audience. It is a creatively fulfilling craft. This is what motivates me to try to be the best that I can.


3 Things you Didn’t Know about Actress Tiffany Rothman

(1) Tiffany is a trained volunteer for a domestic violence organization in New York City.

(2) She is trained by respected acting coach, Lenore Harris.

(3) Tiffany Rothman has an MBA in Human Resource Management.

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