Exclusive: Red Carpet Event Hosted By CEO Janelle Harris of SHE EXIST & CEO Linda Walker of FAITHWORKS EMPOWERMENT !

Exclusive: Red Carpet Event Hosted By CEO Janelle Harris of SHE EXIST & CEO Linda Walker of FAITHWORKS EMPOWERMENT !

Janelle Harris, CEO of the successful female empowerment brand ‘SHE EXIST’ is joining forces with CEO Linda Walker of Faithworks Empowerment to reopen the community and bring Hollywood to Tampa, Florida in an exclusive red carpet event that you don’t want to miss!

The event will reopen the Tampa community to topics of Education, Business opportunities, and the benefits of having a retirement plan, the perfect credit so you will be able to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Along with that, the event will also be helping business owners with the importance of social media.

It will be covered by The Cover Magazine that is set for publishing in 2022 and shot by professional celebrity photographer Dr. Ken also known as Dr. Smiley.



Celebrity Guest: Leggra Colon – CEO of Global Travelers and Celeb Manager of Social Media Star and Popular Reality Show Personality TD Madison and star of the new hit reality show, “The TS Madison Experience” airing on WE tv.

Special Guest: Ray Leonard Jr – Successful Entrepreneur and Son of Famed Gold Metal Boxer Sugar Ray Leonard.

Including Special Guest: Linda Walker CEO and Author of Faith Works Empowerment.

Including Special Guest: Lauren Dungey.

Including Special Guest: Kimberly Brown. Daughter of the Legendary Former NFL Activist Jim Brown.

Including Special Guest: Pamela J. Broussard PR Expert. Pamela Broussard is the founder and CEO of BNM Publicity Group, based in Los Angeles, California. Sheis a trusted adviser and dynamic public relations strategist with over 25 plus years of experience. Her client list includes representation in film, television, music, sports, fashion, theater and pop culture. This wide variety ranges from rising stars, authors, celebrities, CEOs with everything in between.b

“It is important for all organizations to come together in order to build a strong team and cultivate a community. Leaders must lead by example in order to rebuild. “

– Janelle Harris

People can register to vote and covid shots will be available for the community at this event. Tickets will be $25.00


Janelle Harris is introducing thirteen profound honorees who have labored in their professions and worked diligently to meet their future goals.

Janelle Harris confirms: “ We understand when there is a need to reset and to renew our minds of oneself in order to grow and develop strategies to life. Collaboratively these Queens are the quintessential essence of what She Exist is. Together in love we have created a movement for the nation. I would like to thank every honoree for their motivation and encouragement they have given people, organizations , clients , ministries, fashion shows, books, publications , talk shows , and so much more. May they continue to ignite ,inspire, and uplift us for many more years to come . What I have noticed from each and everyone of these ladies is that they never gave up on their dreams, and I admire how they all continued to serve their community during the pandemic and it speaks volumes and it is also incredible. Thank you for accepting the She Exist Global awards“


This exclusive red carpet event includes celebrity guest speakers, a virtual performance by Grammy Award Winning Gospel Artist Titus Showers and amazing honorees that will be hosted by Janelle Harris founder of She Exist. https://www.ap-records.net/titusshowers


The She Exist module is to elevate and inspire women or any organization on a global scale so individuals and businesses can become independent in their thinking and embrace their growth , fears, and challenges in order to win and have multiple streams of income along with being an asset to any organization. 

“Each day we are influenced by internal and external challenges that mold and shape our abilities to perform. As Our influences grow our effectiveness, passion and vigor to reach limitless possibilities that levels the playing field with our male counterparts and even raises the bar in an array of areas, such as business, education, community and more. I created “She Exist” to recognize the magical essence of women of all ages, races, ethnicities and religions to network under one umbrella, in order to support their creative thoughts, ideas and aspirations . In addition: I would like to thank all of the incredible professional speakers for making this vision a successful one.”EXCLUSIVE FROM CEO OF SHE EXISTS JANELLE HARRIS

Stay tune to the She Exist Global Awards on zoom November 13, 2021 time 1:30 PM EST Get your complimentary tickets after October 5th only on Eventbrite


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