Hollywood News Rising: Latest on Actress Galina Slavova!

Hollywood News Rising: Latest on Actress Galina Slavova!

Galina Slavova is an actress and producer known for her roles in ‘Fetty’, ‘The World Mission’, ‘Mavrick N Gundy’ and ‘Vice Squad: Miami’. Read below our exclusive interview with Actress Galina Slavova:

Q: Galina, you have had rising success in the entertainment industry from starring to film, tv and commercial. Can you tell us where it all started and how you got into the industry?

Galina Slavova – A: Since I was a little girl, it’s been a passion of mine to become a performer. It’s been a dream of mine to act, tell stories, and express myself in front of the camera. It all started in Puerto Rico. My first film was “Las Maravillosas ” with the late Walter Mercado who is Puerto Rican astrologer, actor, dancer, and writer. I had a wonderful experience and felt very comfortable in front of the camera. I knew in my heart that acting was my passion. 

Q: What is the most important aspect of a character or a script that you look for when accepting a project?

Galina Slavova – A: I am very passionate about a role that I can connect with. A role that I can emotionally, mentally, and intellectually identify with. 

Q: What would you say is the biggest challenge during filming?

Galina Slavova – A: It’s always a challenge and a blessing to find a crew that you creatively connects with. 

Q: What would you say your favorite part of the making of a film is?

Galina Slavova – A: My favorite part is getting the script and diving into the process of forming my character.

Q: Galina, you are gorgeous with an edge and a real black belt! What do you want your audience to take out of your roles?

Galina Slavova – A: I want them to be inspired by the representation of a diverse strong woman.

Q: During covid, it’s really impacted the industry and many things  have gone digital!  Do you think this has been a good or bad impact for the industry and has it had an impact on your career? 

Galina Slavova – A: It’s inspired me to challenge myself and to think way out of the box in a very positive and creative way.

Q: Most actors have a certain point when they branch out and open their own production company. Do you see yourself doing that in the future?

Galina Slavova – A: I have already started my journey and have a small growing production company  “Clearion Production”. I have an incredible talented partners and we are working at the moment on 3 projects. One scripted and two unscripted. Stay Tuned !

Q: Preferred Casting: TV or FILM? 

Galina Slavova – A: Both.

Q: Being on set for days can be very exciting and requires energy . Do you have a specific health or fitness regime that always keeps you fit and ready?

Galina Slavova – A: I don’t have any specific regime, but I am very disciplined about staying fit. I like to switch it up by going to the gym, running in the mountains and playing volleyball at the beach. 

Q: Born in Bulgarian, you are close to your roots and mixing in the Hollywood culture. What is your all time favorite Bulgarian food choice? 

Galina Slavova – A: I am craving Bulgarian food every day. There is a Bulgarian restaurant in Las Vegas, so sometimes I will drive from LA to Vegas just to have my Mousaka. I also love so much shopska, salata, tarator, banitsa etc… there so many. I love Bulgarian food. 

Q: How would you describe your year so far in one word?

Galina Slavova – A: Magical.

Q: Favorite quote or motto in life that you live by?

Galina Slavova – A: Feel the fear and do it anyway.

Q: What’s one of your proudest accomplishment that you have achieved this year?

Galina Slavova – A: I was featured in an LGBTQ+ Music Video/  Short film “Heaven in Hell” with lead singer Ayline Artin  that received more than 13 critics choice / film festival awards.

Q: Do you have any other news to share with us? 

Galina Slavova – A: Yes I do, I have a few projects in the works. I booked a supporting role in a feature film, “The World Mission,” which will be shooting in Thailand at the beginning of 2023. Once that wraps, Clearlion Production and I will begin working on a vampire show, “The Nil” (which is being pitched to a few networks at the moment). I also wrote a short film script about how we miss all the shots that we don’t take. We’ll be filming at the end of September 2022. 



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