Hollywood News Exclusive: The latest on Famed Social Media Influencer Jeff Tingz!

Hollywood News Exclusive: The latest on Famed Social Media Influencer Jeff Tingz!

Jeff Tingz is a popular social media influencer, filmmaker and model. Jeff is one of the hottest rising stars on social media and also is involved in the film industry. Jeff is originally from Texas and currently in LA. In entertainment, he has been apart of significant productions including Still Dreaming, Lost in My Own Thoughts and Watch Out for Me . Jeff Tingz is known to create amazing content, bringing great vibes and energy in his videos and photos while influencing people around the world! With millions of followers and views on the web, Jeff is taking social media by storm! Read the latest news on Jeff Tingz!

Jeff Tingz Rising To The Top with Over 3 Million Followers & 100 Million Likes!

Jeff Tingz has over 3 million followers just on TikTok and over 100 million views! He has released videos with top TikToker’s including Tayler Holder, Addison Rae, The Hype House and many more! Watch few clips below & enjoy:

Celebz: Jeff Tingz shares his motivation behind it all:

“What drives me to do more is the fact that I know I can do more….”

Jeff Tingz Exclusive Interview – Read more on Celebz Treasure

Film & Entertainment Industry: Jeff Tingz currently has a big project in the works in the entertainment industry. Stay tuned when more info can be revealed.

Catching Paparazzi ?


(1) Jeff Tingz is born June 28, 2000 which means he is a Cancer zodiac sign in astrology!

(2) His brother is actor & pro body builder Charlie Marshall!

(3) Jeff loves to stay active and play soccer!



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