Janelle Harris is the CEO and founder of ‘She Exist’. We’ve had the chance to interview Janelle Harris and go deep into her background, her business and latest ventures! From the Desk of healthcare to the life of expanding big business territories, read below our exclusive interview with successful business woman Janelle Harris!


Q: Where are you originally from and where are you located now on the map?

Janelle Harris – A: I am from Brooklyn,NY and I grew up on Winthrop street where it is the heart of Flatbush. Im the only child and was raised by my mother and grandmother. Now I reside in Florida the sunny shine state as they say.

Q: Janelle, as a successful owner & founder of ‘She Exist’, you are known to empower and inspire women from all nationalities, What would you say motivates and inspires you to be the best at your profession and as a business owner?

Janelle Harris – A: To see other women win from all races, ethnicities, and creeds to come together to share and support one another in their business and personal lives. 

Q: Who are your top 3 fav influential leaders or celebs in the world that have inspired you?

Janelle Harris – A:

Pamella Broussard 

Kimberly Brown 

Ken Rochen AKA Dr. Smiley 

Q: Congratulations on your new magazine! Can you share with us more details about that? 

Janelle Harris – A: Thank you so much! I am very moved by what is getting ready to happen in the next season and I can’t reveal much about my next project. What I can say is hard work pays off! Being consistent no matter what your circumstances are and how challenging life can get you have to see your blueprint through. My upcoming project has everything to do with growth and perseverance from my childhood to my upbringing. It demonstrates hardships and struggles and in doing this project others will know they can achieve anything they put their mind to. 

Q: What is something people may not know about you? Any hobbies or other secret talents you have and or like to do in your spare time?

Janelle Harris – A: I am a tough cookie and I say this because people perceive my kindness as a sign of weakness but the moral of character is love and to see any situation as a sign of lessons and always to rebuild and renew my strength from any opposition that is in front of me in order to experience new positions. My hobby is to help businesses grow because that is what keeps me grounded and being in the trenches to inspire. I love to meditate and watch the sunset set. I don’t believe I have any secret talents because everything I do is authentic.


Staying focused during the pandemic has been so challenging but most of all fruitful. The fear of the unknown challenged me to look deeper into myself and peel off some layers about my fears and to make some changes into my life. The first change was being a game changer and adding value to my life by having good quality people in my life so I can start to attract positivity from all angles.  I would like to say my growth started out from a bio written by Mr. Mitchell and bringing him on my team. We at She Exist was a one man army and I decided to write down what is important to me and my family and that was growth. I then met so many other greats and had so many opportunities that enhanced my ability to think on other levels. I am working on a few upcoming major Big Big projects for 2022 so therefore I am going to save the best for last

I do want to shout out Sabrina Protic who has been a major influence in my life and I encourage everyone to purchase Growing Ageless on amazon by Sabrina Protic.

I would like to acknowledge Rev Kenya C. Williams an amazing sister and administrative for She Exist! If you are needing any motivation from a spiritual level I encourage everyone to go to love and action podcast on Podbean by Grace Girl Rev. Kenya C Williams .

I would like to acknowledge my amazing mentor Pamela Broussard for being a huge influence in my life mentor and a dear friend. Pamela Broussard is the founder and CEO of BNM Publicity Group, based in Los Angeles, California. She has over 25 plus years of experience in entertainment and business PR. If your looking for any PR top professional in the entertainment world please email your bio at bnmotionpr@aol.com

In addition, I would like to acknowledge my girl and my dear friend Kimberly Brown for doing amazing work in the community and partnering with The Light House Community. Kimberly  has opened a lane with in her organization which is called Daughters Of Legends and one of her missions is to give back to help mothers and daughters so please check her website out https://daughtersoflegends.org/

I would like to acknowledge Celeb Dr. Ken AKA Dr. Smiley for being apart of the She Exist movement. If you need help with any publishing I strongly recommend you visit Dr. Smiley @thekeepsmilingmovement www.kenrochon.com

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What are you willing to lose in order to gain.
signed The CEO of She Exist


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